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Green Kids

A child can start to live green even before he or she is born. The parents or guardians are role models and mentors who have already made the changes and adopted a green lifestyle. This will INSTILL GREEN VALUES and influence the child at the earliest possible age--and as they grow to understand and live the green lifestyle--they will pass it on to future generations.

How to Teach Kids and Teens to Live Green

Step 1

Instill green values at an early age. Education, knowledge, involvement and encouragement are key in changing long-term bad habits and conditioned behaviors in children and teenagers. Parents and adults must set the example and be role models by modifying old behaviors and adopting a new green approach. These ways can include involvement in the world and the environment, going outdoors and being active, buying recyclable products and toys, planting trees and flowers, and participating in wildlife projects.

Step 2

Modify behaviors and teach kids the importance of conserving resources such as energy and water. Tell them to switch off lights when leaving the room or house, turn off electrical appliances such as computers when not in use and use less water when bathing or cleaning. Let them know that shorter showers will not only conserve water, but will reduce the utility bill each month.

Step 3

Eat green foods for a healthier diet and nutrition. Kids can have fun by learning to plant and grow their own organic vegetable garden or herbs.

Step 4

Encourage kids to be proactive and participate in green projects in their community, church or school. You can also find many nonprofit green organizations that are in need of volunteers to help raise awareness and educate others on various social and global issues.

Step 5

Explain to kids that car pooling and/or using public transportation will help reduce air pollution and reduce gas usage. Let them know that walking or cycling are other ways to save and conserve energy fuel consumption. Not only is it healthier, it reduces costs for gas, car maintenance and insurance.

Step 6

Teach kids to donate or recycle used toys, clothes and unwanted items such as old computers and cell phones. They can learn entrepreneurial skills by organizing a swap meet sale day and donating the profits to a green charity or organization. The profits could also go towards starting a new green project at school or in the community.

Step 7

Purchase school/college items and products from stores that buy from green manufacturers. There are also many green online stores that sell recycled products at competitive prices. Save trees and use recycled paper, solar powered calculators and reusable containers.

Step 8

Be involved with wildlife and nature. Take kids to parks, zoos, planetariums, safaris and introduce them to the wonders of our planet. Visit and volunteer at animal shelters and petting zoos that always need help in raising awareness to save our wildlife and our pets.


If your son or daughter wants to find out more about living Green please send us your comments on how Smart Growth Realty can make your family experience a healthier one.

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