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What is Organic gardening ?

Organic gardening is the practice of not using synthetic pesticides and fertilizer in your garden. Instead, you harness the power of nature to work with you to create healthy, vibrant plants, fruits and vegetables.

Does this mean it’s more difficult and time-consuming? Not at all! In fact, organic gardening is often easier than regular gardening. Why? Instead of spending time mixing synthetic fertilizers, constantly spraying weeds and wondering why your vegetable yields are dropping year by year, you really only have to pay attention to one thing – the soil. Keep your soil healthy and replenished with rich, natural minerals and organic matter, and everything else will grow healthy and strong.

Healthy soil means your plants and lawn will be better able to resist pests and crowd out weeds. After a while, you will begin to find yourself spending less time maintaining your garden, and more time just enjoying it. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll revel and enjoy working on it more!

There is another benefit to going organic – you will begin to learn how your garden actually works. You will want to spend more time outside, and with that you will begin to see more of the wonders of nature in your own backyard. You will learn what butterflies like which flowers. You will begin to understand why some plants thrive so well together. You will know why weeds grow the way they do, and what permanent and natural techniques to use to keep them away. Care for your garden naturally, and your plants, shrubs and vegetables will thrive..

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