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Smart Growth Realty is currently working with some of the top commercial real estate companies in the South Florida area to provide real estate brokerage and consulting services to all our clients. 

Rising 35 stories above the heart of the priceless Brickell Business District, 1450 BRICKELL, Miami’s newest Class-A corporate tower, head-quarter prominence with unparalleled water views and commuter convenience.

1450 Brickell Ave has been Certified Gold by The Leadership in Energy and Enviromental Design (LEED) rating sysytem which was developed by the United States Green Building Council and is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design,construction and operations of Green Buildings.

Commercial and institutional buildings energy use and expenses differ significantly from residential. The typical residential electric bill is based on monthly usage and not the intensity of usage at any one time while the commercial customer electric bill is often largely based on the amount of energy intensity that they used.

There are many opportunities to save energy in commercial buildings. In new construction, the site can be chosen so as to maximize opportunities to face to the north or south, away form direct sun. If there are many tasks needing lighting, the use of daylight can be incorporated into the design. Windows can be selected to maximize the visible portion of the spectrum of sunlight while reflecting the non-visible portion. Commercial buildings with high occupancy such as offices, schools (see our research on school facilities), and public buildings often require cooling through most of the year because the people and associated activities put off heat. Choosing an appropriate cooling system for removing heat and moisture is important. In humid climates the key factor in design of such systems is the amount of outside air brought in for ventilation. Lighting systems should complement the daylighting system, and a roof system that rejects the heat is extremely helpful. Once the construction is complete, the building should be commissioned to verify that it works as planned.

Don’t miss our priority list for commercial building construction. You may also be interested in learning about commercial HVAC systems or understanding Building Science. Daylighting information and slide shows on the justifications for energy efficient and renewable energy systems, daylighting design, and on energy efficient window design and selection is also available on our site. Check out our various training programs including our course on Designing the Failure Proof Building. Finally, you may want to check our publication database for a number of relevant publications.

Article courtesy of the Florida Solar Energy Center


Commercial Interior Design

Smart Growth Realty is proud to have selected Echeverria Design in Coral Gables interior design group to work with our commercial clients in achieving the best sustainable floorplan for their office space, restaurant, or retail specialty stores.

Echeverria Design is a full service design and creative design consultant for retail, hospitality and commercial clients in the u.s and abroad. john naranjo found ndc to provide creative design services and consultation to clients or firms in search of specialized solutions for architectural concepts, design, branding, imaging, and merchandising.

The business focus is to create innovative concept that will strive to offer freshness of vision that only an outside perspective can bring. support the integration of a mutual collaborations between consultant, client or firm.

Create a tactical partnership that will shape the business model of each projects by establishing key strategies, design and image. The key role of ndc is to thrive to establish new idea’s inspired by creative energy and a sensitivity to materials crafted and shaped by technological processes.

 “Create innovative concepts in retail, hospitality and commercial projects by seeking to model, measure and mentor the interior esthetic and its strategies.”

John Naranjo / Lead Interior Designer 


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